When one vertebra slips forward over the vertebra below it spondylolisthesis occurs.  It happens most often in the lumbar spine (the low back) because that part of the spine bears the most weight and absorbs the most directional pressures.  The low back has to carry your body weight, so it has to rotate quite a bit, and this can put so much stress on the vertebrae that spondylolisthesis occurs.

This condition varies in severity, and Dr. Sheehan will carefully examine you to determine what phase you are in.  Because chiropractors specialize in caring for low-back issues, using methods other than surgery, Dr. Sheehan can address the mechanical and neurological causes of spondylolisthesis without invasive surgery.  He will prescribe specific exercises that encourage muscular stability in the pelvis, which can help correct spondylolisthesis, and he will let you know if spinal decompression therapy would help you – all based on the grade of your condition

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