HealthSource ArthoStim®

The ArthoStim® device is one of the many tools that helps us provide the best in advanced chiropractic care for the Richmond area.  To visit the office with the tools to bring you back to good health, make an appointment by calling 804-592-2225.

Developed as the next step in chiropractic adjusting devices, the ArthoStim® makes it possible for you to receive effective chiropractic care with minimal impact.  The ArthoStim® is an electromagnetic tool that delivers a rapid thrust and recoil adjustment to the joint at a frequency of twelve thrusts per second.  This thrust frequency is called “the low beta somatomotor rhythm” and it is said to reverberate throughout the joint and tissue to activate the correct adjustment, and to notify the nervous system as to the joint’s position and amount of tension.  The pressure the tool delivers is adjustable, so that the amount of force delivered is never too much for a patient’s individual needs.

The ArthoStim® provides a gentle alternative to the patient who prefers not to be “cracked” or manually adjusted.  We strive to provide many different options to ensure that our patient care is as individualized as possible.